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@lauramaranoGetting glammed (is that a word) for a fun photo shoot! @kristinagoldberg

@lauramaranoSELFIE TIME!!!!! @johnny_deluca @garrettclayton1

@lauramaranoI am seriously SO excited for this movie! #monstersuniversity

@lauramarano#wcw Shakira is literally the sweetest person I’ve ever met… I really wanted to say something to her about her hips not lying, but decided against it since no matter what I said, it would probably be extremely uncomfortable… Anyway, still freaking out that I met her 😍😍

@lauramaranoGetting ready for the #MonstersUniversity premiere!#ISpyAnItalianMan

@lauramaranoThank you @younghollywood for having me!

@lauramarano: You may ask, why are we looking to the left? Here’s the real question: why not? @younghollywood

@lauramaranoI love these sleeves…I LOVE THESE SLEEVES #Obsessed

@lauramaranoI LOVE this dress! Thank you @zayanthelabel @mrdrawas @factorypr #YAY

@lauramaranoOne of my favorite outfits! #ILoveThisSkirt